In order from the top: Claude, Aurelia, Florence, Jasper, Imogen, Constance, Elliot, Gertrude, Beatrice, Clarence, Audra, Henrietta, Hazel.

Lost Children is a project I'm hoping fellow artists, writers and other creative types/friends I've asked can contribute to when free time allows but for now I'm starting it alone. The idea for this happened many many years ago (what sparked it I can't remember) and I've been burning to do it ever since.
Inbetween working on bigger projects, paid work for clients and whatnot, I make these smaller sized images, just to stay free and moving and avoid periods of inactivity. It's fun because without a client or ideal in mind, I try to make them pretty fast without over thinking and go on my instincts instead. No drafts are made prior to the end results.

The ones I'm happy to put out into the world, I'm making free prints of and putting them in public places like library books, jacket/coat and shirt and trouser pockets in retail stores, magazines, LP's and videos in second hand stores, cracks/gaps in building (and other) walls, bus shelters, tied to trees and posts, etc etc... spots where people can discover them with suprise.
Each one is named and -at least for the time being- has no credit or any other info attached to them. I like that people can come across them and not know why they're there or who made them.
Everything shouldn't be explained all the time.
They're just anonymous gifts. It's an unknown for me who finds them... and how they got there is a mystery for the finders.

So above is the first batch and I'll display loads more continually.

Some new projects, collaborations and cool stuff might be happening soon too! A lot of works in progress and ideas that'll be great if they work out.

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