Here's the first couple of pictures I've done, playing around with using chopsticks and ink. Click for bigger size.

Earlier this year I stayed in London with my dear friend Maya. She's a real inspiration, does a cool tape label, makes great music in a number of projects and whenever I'm with her I always get the drive to do stuff and get creative.
Sitting at her kitchen table, listening to good songs, we got arty and Maya introduced me to using a chopstick to push ink on the paper. As soon as I started, it felt so comfortable and natural... I've been kind of obsessing on it ever since.
Something about the way I usually illustrate, with total control over the lines... and then using this other style, losing some of the control but gaining the possibilities and suprises that come from that.
We made some pictures for a Haunted Fucking tape, stay alert for that or you'll miss out and regret it.
I'll post those pics later and many many more others using this way too.

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