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A quick flyer design, asked for by the Capsule ladies.
Lisa and Jenny organise the best shows here in Birmingham, aswell as the annual Supersonic Festival and other cool, interesting, fun events.
Since going to my first Capsule gig 8-ish years ago, my mind's been opened to an infinte stream of awesome stuff. My life is better for knowing them and anytime I get to work with them or play live is a pleasure.
They're the standard to which most else is held up against:
Do It Yourself & Do It Right.



Just returned home from a great few days travelling around London, playing a show, seeing shows, seeing friends, and other adventures.
Went over to Hex Out Records HQ to hang with Maya on the last day. Lifesaving as always.
The photos above are of the Haunted Fucking "Lanterns" tape packaging Maya's just finished assembling with her own fair hands. It's super cool! Earlier in the year we collaborated on ink paintings for this and it's great to see the end product put together. Haunted Fucking is the duo of Chris and Claire who organise Upset The Rhythm.
Sissy Spacek also has a new tape on Hex Out called "Bisingie". Go buy a copy of these before they're gone!
I'm in London again in a few weeks to see Maya's Macroprosopus Dancehall Band and you should check it out if you want an awesome exerience.



Quick first idea and draft for Holy Roar Records.