Here's various commissions and personal work created before upto 2008.
Click on images for bigger version.

2006 tour shirt illustration for the band Rolo Tomassi.
Great music and people, plus they were super easy to work with. I was asked to draw anything I wanted, with the only detail changed being the text on the arm replaced with the band name. The shirts are now sold out/ out of print.

Cover for Esquilax record, Listener.

Cover for 2007 illo print collection. Limited to 50, now sold out.

Shirt design for the band Deadsunrising. They destroyed.

Cover for illustration print collection, Colouring Book 2.

Illustrations for the band Gallows and a seven inch release on Holy Roar Records.
Sold out pretty fast but there's probably some copies for sale around on the net.

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