I'll be playing a DJ set at Arc's May event at The Vaults, Birmingham. It's free admission all night from 6pm. "The Good Art Gallery project grew from submissions by local artists – only those confirmed as art by the keen eye of the infamous art-detecting machines made it onto the gallery walls. Extending this curatorial rationale to The Vaults, Art Detection Services invite you to an exhibition of works guaranteed to be 100% good – in fact, visitors can witness the live correction of bad works until they are nothing short of good.

If you are itching to find out whether your own creations are indeed art, bring them along! Art Detection Services Ltd will scan and certify your works, free of charge. There will also be artistic supplies available in order that you can create your own work to be scanned, or correct that which is deemed bad."

The Vaults, Newhall Hill, Birmingham, B1 3JH. E: arc.birmingham@googlemail.com
more info from Art Detection Services


Menina said...

I'm really sad I missed this.

Matt Snowden said...

Was a fun night!