Spent some time as a guest at Rhubarb Radio today, opposite the reception in Custard Factory, Birmingham. An hour of me choosing records to play and talking with Mark 'Zip' Preston, captain of Ideal Skate shop & mini ramp (also in Custard Factory).
"Would you kiss the guy who runs Boss distortion pedals?"
"Ever thought about burning a police car?"
My answers to these plus laughs, blunders and punk/weirdo music.

Quick choices went to Crass, Harry Pussy, Melvins, Trencher, U.S. Girls, Back Stabbath, Aunt Sally (not Phew as announced), Devo, Toots & Maytals, Sunn0))), Hototogisu, John Wiese, Suburban Lawns, Mika Miko and Wipers. Didn't have time to blast out Cocteau Twins, Ocrilim, No Trend, Harvey Milk, Nico and more but maybe next time.
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