Visual documentation of the Dream Dreams The Dreamer show I played saturday night at Vivid arts space in Birmz. I expanded the orkestra to 3 drumkits, 3 guitars, 2 vocals, bass and violin. Thanks to the Capsule ladies. Photos by Stu Green and Pete Ashton.

-Loud as hell.
-Vocals so harsh the sound engineer cut them from the mix after 30 seconds.
-Lord Of The Flies (1963) projected behind us while playing.
-Suprisingly warm response from the audience and nice comments afterward.
-Also on the line up were Prurient/Cold Cave, Nicholas Bullen and Iron Fist Of The Sun.

-The awkestra increases in number for the next shows. More bass and the choir part will happen now there's enough people to sing.


Manoj said...

Very nice indeed. :)

Rich said...

That was a great gig, really enjoyed it. I was wondering what happened to the vocals- damn soundmen!