All limited edition prints I made of illustration work before 2009 have been sold out for 6 months and I won't be making anymore. A new year means keep moving forward, new projects, creativity and adventures. Thanks to everyone who got in touch to buy or trade! Your interest and patience is appreciated.
Maybe you're a happy print owner like Harriet here...

... but if you're not and contacted me after the prints sold out, don't fret, there's tons of new stuff on the way. Pictures on here real soon.
With all the bands I started, 6 were active and playing shows in 2008 so I've only had time to finish new artwork in December when there's less stuff happening to go out for. Recently it's been great at home, busy in new images while playing records and imagining possibilities for the months ahead.
Happy new year! Don't waste time... you're alive...
free to do anything... don't stop for anyone!

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